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    肯泰特机械 ( 上海 ) 有限公司


    肯泰特机械 ( 上海 ) 有限公司,专业制造销售工程塑料拖链、钢制拖链、拖链电缆。在韩国已有三十多年的经营历史,是韩国三星重工、LG 电子、现代汽车、大宇造船等著名企业的专业配套商,产品远销欧美、东南亚等十几个国家和地区,公司于2005年5月在上海成立,致力于不断增长的中国市场。公司自主研制开发多项产品,荣获了多项专利,并获得了CE国际认证,2015年通过了IS09001 /:2015质量体系认证(英国 UKAS)。产品广泛应用于机床、造船、桥梁、工程机械、机车车辆、化工、海工、钢结构自动化生产线等行业。肯泰特机械 ( 上海 ) 有限公司本着:开拓创新、追求卓越、诚挚守信、优良服务的经营理念,愿与国内的企业共同发展,提供高科技、高品质、高效率的产品做出贡献。


    Koduct machinery(shanghai)Co.Ltd is Korean sole ownership company, mainly produce engineering cableveyor. steel chain, drag chain cable. We have managed in korea for more than decades, we have been supplying our products for Samsung heavy industry, LG electric, HyundaI vehicle, Daewoo shipbuilding etc. famous companies Our products also exported to European and south-east contries and areas. 0ur Shanghai branch set up on May 2005, we wilI do our best to developing domestic market. 0ur company develop lots of products and have the honor to receive many patent including CE internntional certificate, and also take the IS09001 / : 2015 quality management system certificate In2015(UKAS), Our products mainly applied in lathe, shipbuilding, bridge, Engineering machinery, Rolling st℃ k, chemistry, steel structure etc. Koduct machinery(shanghai)Co.Ltd will be in Iine with:Developing and innovation, Pursuing remarkably, sincere and honor, providing fine service, We hope to develop with the domestic enterprise communaly, and can make the contribution for providing high tech, high quality and high efficiency products.

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